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As a leader in the comparator drug industry, Myoderm understands the value of having a coordinated approach for sourcing the equipment, ancillary supplies and drugs for use in a clinical trial. This is why we have introduced a dedicated Clinical Trial Equipment and Supplies Management service offering to complement our current service portfolio.
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Where clinical trial equipment & supplies get the attention they deserve.

Having the right drug on hand and on time is the driving force in clinical trial supply. However, making sure that the proper equipment and supplies are also on site prior to study start is equally important. By combining our comprehensive sourcing expertise with our Direct to Site capabilities, we provide Sponsors with a centralized resource to help achieve a successful on-time global study launch. At Myoderm, your trial’s equipment and supplies get the attention they deserve.

The proof is in the process.

When it comes to the sourcing and distribution of clinical trial equipment and supplies, having a carefully coordinated plan and tracking process is essential. In the world of clinical trial supply, what, where and when supplies are needed can change in an instant. Myoderm’s project management process includes centralized sourcing and distribution supplemented by kitting and regional and local storage capabilities. When it comes to purchasing the required equipment, Myoderm assists Sponsors by providing a cost-benefit analysis for equipment leasing vs. purchasing options. Having a proven process in place ensures that clinical trial equipment and supplies are available when and where they are needed in the most cost-effective way possible.

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Focusing on the details makes the difference.

We know that clinical trial managers are juggling multiple projects and the underlying details. The last thing you want to worry about is the clinical trial equipment supply process and how it is coordinated with drug sourcing. At Myoderm we follow a step-by-step, end-to-end supply management process from protocol review and project planning through inventory management, returns and study closeout.

Maximum efficiencies are central to our approach.

By involving the Myoderm team early in protocol and site survey development, you’ll be able to follow a more streamlined schedule and budget which will prevent delays, lead to cost savings and reduce potential product waste. Our ability to centralize sourcing and distribution lowers the risk of misplacing products while maximizing cost savings – all to bring peace of mind to the equipment and ancillary supply process.

Your go-to global resource.

Myoderm’s global resources allow us to stay in step with regulations and product availability on a country by country basis. When clinical trial equipment and supplies may not be available in a particular country, we leverage our global resources and contacts to secure suitable replacements quickly and seamlessly. At Myoderm, we have the experience, infrastructure and organization to warehouse and distribute your equipment and supplies seamlessly with exacting skill and precision. Our distribution and logistical expertise, paired with Importer of Record services, help support global delivery milestones at your trial sites. In addition, our European and North American facilities are GMP compliant and fully staffed with clinical equipment and supplies specialists.

Myoderm's Clinical Trial Equipment & Supplies, at your service.

At Myoderm we are renowned for our customer service. With our global expertise and resources in clinical trial drug, equipment and ancillary product supply, you can count on us to be a trusted partner engaged in every step of the process. Our project management team provides timely updates so you will know the status of all supplies and equipment needed at each site. During weekly status teleconferences, our team reviews all the important details giving you confidence that your supply management is in good hands.