MYoncology Direct To Site Distribution


The industry’s most flexible solution for delivering open label drugs to clinical sites.

We are flexible, fast and focused on the success of your clinical trial. Distribution directly to clinical sites requires incredible flexibility and the speed to respond at a moment’s notice to get a project started immediately. We understand that no trial moves in a predictable fashion and there are unplanned issues to confront, especially with patient enrollment. That’s why we are the industry’s most flexible solution for delivering open label drugs to clinical sites, quickly and efficiently.

Are you paying the price for clinical drug waste?

With the price of drugs continually increasing, it is more important than ever to buy efficiently. That’s why Myoderm has a company-wide commitment to minimizing drug waste for all of our clients. Should enrollment or forecasts change unexpectedly, we have the processes in place to increase or decrease supply orders immediately, without impacting the pricing.

Ready. Set. Trial.

With super-fast Phase I startup through Phase II and Phase III, we take the lead from start to finish, from obtaining all trial supply needed to labeling through distribution to your clinical sites. By actively managing your study, we keep your trial running at peak efficiency.

We supply combination therapy drugs with speed and flexibility.

Our global connections and experience in securing hard-to-find oncology products enables us to supply combination therapy drugs at a moment’s notice and to put a plan in action to ensure continued product supply for patients at the culmination of a study.

We deliver, from start to finish.

We bring a can do attitude to overseeing all the details of distribution directly to clinical sites. Our staff specializes in sourcing commercial drugs and in delivering personalized service throughout the study. By assuming total control of your project, we ensure the entire process runs as seamlessly as possible from procurement and rapid labeling, to same day shipping and up-to-the-minute reporting.


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