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Clinical Trial Prescription Card
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An innovative & cost-effective solution for supplying drugs to clinical trial patients

Sourcing some medications for your studies can be a difficult challenge. Can you access specialty and limited-distribution drugs, in addition to any FDA approved product? What if you are struggling to get a specialty drug to patients? Myoderm is pleased to offer a new solution to our customers. The Myoderm Clinical Trial Prescription Card (CTRx Card) service will make it easier to ensure that no matter what drug your clinical trial participants need for your study, they get it.

Why should you consider using the Myoderm CTRx Card for your trial?

Myoderm’s CTRx Card provides flexible solutions for getting study drugs and supplies to your patients. Dependent on the study design as well as the drugs being utilized, we can have the drugs and supplies shipped directly to the clinical site, delivered directly to the patient’s home or allow your patients the convenience to pick up at their local pharmacy at zero cost to them.

This service, built specifically for clinical trials, gives patients direct access to comparator and standard of care therapies, supportive medications and certain medical supplies through Myoderm’s broad Pharmacy and Specialty Pharmacy Network.

This simplified sourcing option offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Ease of use for patients and clinical sites
  • Cost savings from drug supply/bulk purchasing
  • Fast study start-up
  • No planning, forecasting, or inventory management
  • Access to limited-distribution drugs
  • No waste
  • Improved patient compliance in the trial
  • Direct-to-patient mail order for some products

How does the Myoderm CTRx Card work?

For an oncology trial or any other specialty therapy area trial, we leverage our contracts with Specialty Pharmacies where you see realized cost savings and have drugs shipped directly to sites or possibly even direct to patients. Through our Pharmacy Benefits Partner, we have contracts with 60,000+ Retail Pharmacies, which allow patients to access non-specialty medications or certain medical supplies to fill their prescriptions with their local trusted pharmacy. Direct-to-patient mail order options are also available for select products. Myoderm guides you through the entire setup process to ensure proper programming before each patient receives a trial-specific prescription card.

How do reimbursements work?

Once the primary investigators at the clinical site write prescriptions per the trial parameters, patients receive their medications via the CTRx Card through either a retail or specialty pharmacy. Myoderm will then reimburse the pharmacies for dispensed medications. You don’t need to track payment/invoices to dozens of sites. We handle it, so you don’t have to. Most importantly—sites and patients pay nothing out of pocket.

When should you use the Myoderm CTRx Card?

The Myoderm CTRx Card is designed for all trials, whether they use specialty (i.e. Oncology) or non-specialty medications. We have access to any FDA approved therapy through our Pharmacy Network, including Limited Distribution Drugs. You can use it as a stand-alone program or integrated with our Direct To Site distribution and other clinical trial supply services. We can implement the Myoderm CTRx Card quickly, but contacting Myoderm early in your planning enables us to tailor the most effective solution for your needs.

Interested in learning more about Myoderm’s CTRx Service first?

Our Visual Process outlines our 3 Phase approach to setting this service up for your trial.


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