Myoderm, a leading global clinical trial supply company, today announced a new service line to complement their existing portfolio of clinical trial supply solutions. CTRx (Clinical Trial Prescription Card) is an innovative and cost-effective solution for direct-to-patient and/or local pharmacy supply for US open-label trials or as part of a global sourcing and distribution strategy.

With Myoderm’s CTRx service, customers can expect patients to gain direct access to comparator and standard of care therapies, supportive medications and certain medical supplies through Myoderm’s broad Pharmacy and Specialty Pharmacy Network of over 60,000+ Retail Pharmacies. Depending on the study design and the drugs being utilized, each trial can select to have drugs and supplies shipped directly to the clinical site, delivered directly to a patient’s home, or allow patients to pick up at their local pharmacy at zero cost to them.

With this flexible solution, trials will benefit from the cost savings of buying in bulk in addition to a simple to use option for patients and clinical sites.

“By expanding Myoderm’s robust portfolio to include a CTRx service, we are now the only clinical trial supply company providing supply solutions for every aspect of a clinical trial. We are excited about what this means for Myoderm’s growth but more importantly, for the impact it will have on our client’s clinical trials.” said James Lovett, CEO, Myoderm.

For more information on how the CTRx service can complement your global sourcing and distribution strategy, please visit or contact

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