Pharmaceutical Outsourcing: An Interview With Matthew Voicheck

Can you give us an overview of Myoderm and the services the company offers to the pharmaceutical industry?

Myoderm is a global organization specializing in clinical trial supply. We offer a broad range of procurement and delivery solutions for any company in need of commercial drug product for a clinical trial. With GMP facilities in both the UK and US, Myoderm has been successfully delivering drug product worldwide for nearly 30 years.

Maximise the Benefits of Forecasting Software

In recent years, there has been an evolution in the way companies perform clinical supply forecasting. New software platforms that perform statistical modelling have begun to replace standard spreadsheets. This technology yields more accurate forecasts, helping reduce lead times and costs associated with performing clinical trials.

Global Commercial Drug Supply for Trials: How to Achieve Long-Term Success

When I joined Myoderm 11 years ago, the firm had been supplying commercial medications to support clinical trials for almost 15 years. To my surprise, a majority of companies were rather naive regarding their options for sourcing comparator medications. Some companies (even large ones) were relying on local pharmacies, and almost all had no consistent sourcing strategy.

Alleviating the Pain of Independent Site Sourcing

When sponsor companies require clinical trial sites to source commercial drugs and ancillary supplies independently, it can impact the outcome of clinical trials. Sites often lack the expertise, time, resources and processes for efficient and effective supply chain management. It is critical that sponsors evaluate these challenges and optimize their sourcing strategies to minimize risk and maximize success.

Beyond Comparators: Strategies for Sourcing from Emerging Markets

The number of clinical trials being conducted in emerging markets is increasing dramatically and, as a direct result, the need to source comparators from these markets is greater than ever. Where as clinical trials have traditionally been conducted in North America and Western Europe, these emerging markets present new opportunities – and challenges – in clinical research.